Philadelphia Flower Show 2014

In 2014, America in Bloom again had a beautiful 15 x 20' display garden in Exhibit Hall B at the Philadelphia Flower Show. The garden was designed to look like a town's gateway, filled with beautiful blooming plants. Nothing is more welcoming at a town’s entrance than an attractive landscape that says, “You’ve arrived in a special place”. Flowers, shrubs, and bold foliage paired with significant artwork set expectations of a memorable visit and a great place to live. America in Bloom participating towns know that flowers aren’t just for backyards anymore. They're celebrating their communities in living color.

Many thanks to Greg Trahan of Longwood Gardens for designing the garden layout. 

The show, produced by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS) is the oldest and largest indoor flower show in the U.S. In 2013, more than 260,000 people attended. This year's show was the most design-focused and modern in its floral installations since the show's existence - balancing the avant-garde with down-to-earth advice for the home and garden.

We're so grateful to have outstanding experts volunteering to create the design AIB's 2014 display garden. Jim Sutton, display designer of world famous Longwood Gardens and his team helped us create an engaging design that welcomed and enchanted guests. 

Our display garden showcased plants from Suntory and Proven Winners ColorChoice Shrubs. In addition, Schubert Nursery provided topiaries and ivy plants. Walpole Woodworkers supplied latticework that was positioned in the center of the garden.

Several America in Bloom judges and board members were present all week in the garden. 

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