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Leaving on a Seaplane

AIB judges are on the move this summer, traveling coast to coast to visit 40 communities involved in this year's edition of America in Bloom. Our talented judges will travel more than 63,700 miles to promote nationwide beautification through education and community involvement by encouraging the use of flowers, plants, trees, and other environmental and lifestyle enhancements.

AIB judge Sue Amatangelo recently traveled more than 2,200 miles round-trip to judge Tavares, Florida, a first-time AIB participant. Although it took many modes of transportation to navigate this city of 14,583 residents, nothing moved the judges more on their tour than the pride that every person had in their community along with their contagious enthusiasm. Read about Sue's trip.

AIB is a 501c3 charity, so your donations are critical to help us go the extra mile to make America in Bloom. Every dollar you donate will bring us one step closer to making America bloom. Donate today.

On the Road Again

Elfin Forest, California, doesn't need a village hall in which to convene its volunteer town council. Leaders of this tiny rural town work passionately to conserve its unique chaparral community featuring miniature trees. That's what AIB judges Kristin Pategas and Tony Ferrara found when they recently visited Elfin Forest, California, tucked quietly in the foothills of the Santa Rose Mountains. Learn more about their adventure in California.

With no tax revenue, Elfin Forest relies on donations and volunteerism - much like America in Bloom must do. Kristin, Tony, and our other AIB judges are donating their time and talents to support America in Bloom.

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Hitting the Road

Judging season is underway at America in Bloom. By planes, trains, and automobiles the first four teams of judges have hit the road, visiting communities in Florida, California, and Alabama. Can you walk with us for a bit on this journey?

Meeting with local In Bloom committees and visiting community projects, the judges help guide host communities to bring out the very best in their treasured historic sites; help their urban forests thrive; protect their environmental resources and more. These visits nurture the network of America in Bloom communities and the results are always beautiful. 

AIB judge Stephen Pategas was one of the first judges this year who had to dust off his clipboard, find comfortable shoes, and travel to Brewton, Alabama. Stephen's journey took him 1,000 of the more than 63,700 miles our talented and dedicated judges will travel this summer to connect diverse, creative civic leaders to America in Bloom. Read more about Stephen's adventure to Alabama
Please consider making a donation to our travel fund to help to connect our judges with dynamic In Bloom community leaders across the county. We need your support to help us complete our journey. Donate today.

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Stepping Off

We are asking you to donate to our travel fund to help to connect our talented volunteer judges with dynamic In Bloom community leaders across the country. We just started this fundraising campaign and have many miles to go.

Our judging season has begun, and we must travel 63,717 miles by planes, trains, and automobiles. Every dollar you donate will support one mile and bring us one step closer to making America bloom. Are you with us on this journey?

One of our judges, Alex, Pearl, has traveled many miles in these shoes to visit AIB communities. Help us out with a few miles. Your gift will blossom.

Watch this cool video to learn more about our judges' travels. And then click the Donate Now button to take the next step.


Go the Extra Mile to Make America Bloom

Watch this 90-second video to learn how America in Bloom judges are making connections across the country. Then help us go the distance.

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AIB by the Numbers

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